Representing the views of BOOT laundry operators to the Indian Railways


Almost 20 months have passed since the Indian Railways (IR) discontinued linen services to passengers. And now, the IR has indicated its intention to restart the supply of passenger linen.

The Passenger Amenities Committee (PAC), a statutory body under the Ministry of Railways, which was formed to take care of passenger facilities, visited different railway stations and sought feedback from commuters. It found that there is heavy demand for the reintroduction of railway linen in trains.

The Railways has also announced its intention to resume all mail and express trains according to pre-pandemic schedules, thus driving up the demand for passenger linen to pre-Covid levels.

Before Railway BOOT laundries restart operations, some points need to be discussed:

  • The condition of existing linen, which has been unused and unwashed for the past 20 months.
  • Examining all linen and condemning damaged stock.
  • Keeping the pandemic in mind, the temperature at which railway linen should be washed .
  • Whether the amount of laundry chemicals used, or their type needs to be modified.
  • The type of fabric which is best suited for railway linen, that offers longevity and inhibits microbial growth.
  • Central Railway has asked its divisions to ensure ‘no financial commitments are made to the executing agencies, before receipt of formal orders from the Railway Board’. As the operational costs of BOOT laundry operators have increased, do agreements need to be renegotiated?

Laundrex Times is collecting and collating the views of laundry experts, which will be presented to the Indian Railways on behalf of all BOOT laundry operators.

Special Session with Indian Railways at Laundrex India Expo 2022

This will culminate in a roundtable, face-to-face discussion between representatives of Railway Zones and BOOT laundry and private owners at the Laundrex India Expo on 24 February 2022 at India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida.

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